We have been expecting you. 

On a hillside in the town of Kensington, Prince Edward Island, stands a forbidding mansion. Legend tells of a wealthy English gentleman, known to the locals as Dr. Jack, descending on the unsuspecting farming community in the early 1890’s and creating this Tudor-style home he called Whitechapel. Care was taken to recreate the winding streets of London in the old cellar providing an atmosphere of home away from home. 

As the story goes, Dr. Jack opened a small inn in the mansion, however, many of the guests were reportedly never heard from again. Several notable figures allegedly stayed with the Doctor for an extended period, the most notorious being Lizzy Borden… Some swear she still walks the halls!

Time reclaims all things, but there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of… After Dr. Jack’s disappearance, locals began to hear things and called the old house haunted. Come for a visit and see for yourself how the legend has grown. You may even live to tell about it!

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